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Whether you've decided to add a deck or remodel all or part of your home, Thom Woglom Construction should be your first call. We'd like to come over, talk about your vision, take some measurements, hear about your budget and learn your time schedule. Our approach is holistic -- once we understand what you've got in mind, we can create a comprehensive plan to execute the project from start to finish. We can offer insight about what can work (and what may not work). We can provide alternative ideas that you may not have considered. Our services range from creating the blueprints to maintenance plans that will provide a seamless transition to living in your new space.

Thom Woglom Construction has a long history of improving homes for residents in Warwick; call us or send a message from our contact page. Let's get that project off the ground!

Aging in Place

My clients, like all of humanity, are moving through the stages of life. As people grow, develop and mature, my habitats are designed to anticipate and accommodate natural and sometimes unexpected life-changes. I am a universal design artist; planning homes from “cradle to grave”. I like Fred Astaire's statement: “old age is like everything else, to make a success of it, you’ve got to start young." I encourage my clients to build or remodel their first home like their forever home. What a comfort it has been for many of my customers to age and still be able to efficiently and effectively live in their own home. Not to worry if you’ve missed that step when you bought your first home; there’s no time like the present to start planning; and hey – youth is in the eye of the beholder!

New Construction

We are here to make your dream home or business building a reality. We will be a part of the team before shovel hits the earth; we will help you plan for everything -- from the heating system to choosing how and when the sun will shine through the windows! We started this business more than 30 years ago by building our own home so we know just how you feel about your project. The team at Thom Woglom Construction takes a pragmatic approach to every assignment: finding the most cost-effective solutions, anticipating hurdles, avoiding surprises, meeting or beating the budget and getting you moved into your new space on time. Meanwhile, you simply enjoy the creative process as your uniquely designed building comes together to your specifications.

Contact us so that we can talk about your vision and share our portfolio of projects with you.

The Net Zero Home

Innovative minds have created numerous ways to construct or remodel homes that efficiently utilize alternative energies: solar, wind and water. The entire process is measured with careful analysis and attention to detail. The topography of the land, placement of the building in relationship to the sun and the prevailing wind patterns present a starting point. Then, affordable and durable earth-friendly building materials must be purchased. Through each phase, precise energy demonstration is a must. We are very excited to be the construction manager for just such a project - and it has a name - "The Net Zero Barn."