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Thom Woglom

Thom’s talent as a construction manager comes from a lifetime of learning. Beginning at the age of 6 when he would pal around with the handy dads in the neighborhood; that’s when he developed an interest in household maintenance. He says, “My father literally could not screw in a lightbulb so I learned from the other dads. I was the kid on the block who was always willing to help out.” This experience at such a young age lit a fire in Thom that developed into an interest in not only how things work, but how to make things work better. Thom graduated from Oswego in 1975 with a teaching degree and went on to teach Industrial Arts to K-12 students for 9 years. He also coached high school track, football and soccer teams. Thom moved to Warwick with his wife, Sally and their young family in 1986.

After a year of falling in love with Warwick, Thom and Sally decided to build their family home. It was no stretch that Thom would be the builder – the project was a culmination of all that he learned and taught over the years.

Once the Woglom family home was complete, Thom Woglom Construction began. Thom continues to treat every assignment as though it were his own home; applying the most cost-effective methods, energy efficient techniques and innovative practices to every project.

Dave Woglom

Like father, like son. Dave’s skills have been honed since childhood as well. He was involved in every aspect of building the Woglom family home. As an infant in the Snugli on his dad’s chest when the first shovel hit the earth, Dave found a way to be by his Dad’s side through every aspect of that project and many others through the years. He learned very early on that every detail matters in the construction of anything – especially a family home. Dave’s school holidays and summer vacations were spent working alongside Thom.

In 2005, during his senior year in high school, Dave participated in a work-release program -- a half day at school and the rest of the day on the job at Thom Woglom Construction. Dave says, “It was a natural progression. I always knew this would be my career and I consider myself very lucky to be able to work with and continue to learn from my father.”

Thom Woglom Construction is a partnership of father and son, teacher and student – and there have been many times that the student has become the teacher. Thom said, “Dave has learned the trades and has found his own niche in the business. I value his input, our customers count on his counsel, he’s a talented carpenter and he takes Thom Woglom Construction to the next level.”